Elegant Mission & Philosophy


Elegant Clinical Corporation (Elegant) is a not for profit, 501 c/3 agency serving people with disabilities in East Windsor, Connecticut (Hartford County).  Our mission statement is to have our individuals achieve their greatest potential through meaningful work with competent staff!

Elegant is more than a place to learn and grow.

We are the Uber of DETAILED, Compassionate, loving program for people with developmental and mental health disabilities. 

Our organization philosophy is a community environment of integration that supports individuals with developmental, intellectual and mental health disabilities to achieve their greatest potential through meaningful work with competent staff.

Elegant achieve this goal Elegant works with advanced social skills modules taken from many sources.  These modules are then integrated into Elegant’s daily routines.

Modules Include:

  • How to appreciate yourself.  Love & Self-Acceptance.
  • Learning to do the right thing.
  • How to be respectful.
  • How to be trustworthy.
  • Personal Hygiene.
  • Personal development (including key values).
  • Writing a resume.
  • Planning a budget.
  • Tracking success.


Our Individuals will achieve his/her greatest potential.  Our Individuals will be able to pursue meaningful work.  Your loved one will be cared for by kind and competent staff.  Our individuals make dependable and competent employees.

A successful model needs to run like a well-oiled machine.  Life and work are more rewarding when you improve the lives of others and yourself.  Elegant is poised to have world-wide impact, as care with integrity moves people to new heights!


Two people, Mr. Tracy Gaston & Karen Gaston, started Elegant Clinical Corporation. Tracy was a day program manager and Karen was a clinical director, both vital roles. They both met at another non-profit agency in 2011 where they both had ideas and wanted some things to be different in the field of disabilities which they both were a part of for over a decade. The change would not come easy, but it was time to work at having a new provider come in and switch things up. They both departed the agency they are grateful for, as this is where the magic began!

What they wanted was a place for people to feel like they belonged, a family. Elegant Clinical Corporation was started on September 28, 2012 in Windsor Locks, Connecticut and has now grown to East Windsor, CT. Our business is not like any of the others. We set out to have people feel productive and most of all loved. A lot of what the state system bases being productive on is employment. It is being pushed on providers to secure job placement. Although this is a very worthy cause and we participate, we have a set group of individuals who cannot sustain employment, do not choose to work and prefer to be engaged in the family environment. You see for a lot of people in this field, there is no secret that they had rough childhoods which includes some pretty substantial abuse. Attendance is an accomplishment for them and just feeling loved, cared about, that is productivity!   They were able to come in, participate in social skills, an activity that is going to further their sense of self and self esteem so that they are not having issue in the community or at home.

Our world would be a better place if we could look at everyone in this way. We don’t push a stay at home mom or dad to continue to work because he or she isn’t productive. We don’t push senior citizens to continue to contribute or severely handicapped individuals, you see everyone is here to serve and contribute in different ways. Our program fulfills that mission. We serve people who did not make it anywhere else because they were being pressured to do things that did not fit with what they needed which may have just been family and love. I know for me, whenever my freedom is threatened or someone is forcing me to do something I do not feel is right, I certainly take a step back and figure that it has everything to do with that person, not me and I generally don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right for my life anymore. With that being said, why would we continue to push our individuals in the direction that they aren’t capable of to only get them to push back and be violent to others. If we had a stronger acceptance for those who truly need it, we would all run better agencies. Elegant Clinical Corporation is an agency of acceptance and love, a teaching agency that will foster acceptance, joy and employment to those who meet the criteria for gainful employment. It is time that we start looking at caring for people on the basis of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological health and wellness!