You see when we come in the world, I imagine we are supposed to learn the lessons we need to take us on the journey we are here to carry out. I believe we ask for a goal or mission and then we lead into the work that ultimately defines us, good, bad or indifferent. Some of us are blessed to learn quicker and some it takes longer.

What I know for sure is we attach to people. We are human. We seek love, joy and peace. At times we can go about our methods to achieve our goals differently, some hurtful to others, some to ourselves.

When we are trying to get to where we are going, there is a lot of speed bumps, stop signs, traffic lights and sometimes there isn’t anything in the road when you think to yourself maybe their should be. Should I keep going? Should I stop? Should I go through the yellow? Should I go through the red? All choices. Sometimes we choose the path of least resistance because we want peace or tranquility. Sometimes we don’t want the conflict. Sometimes…

We could all lead lives that come with a path of least resistance. We can speak the truth of someone else, agree, compromise on a continuous basis. We can even agree with things we absolutely have no business agreeing with. We then internalize it. It comes for our spirit, it continues to try to shed light in small ways then the light becomes brighter to the point of no ignore. It comes on strong, so hard, it can be paralyzing or complete discomfort. It can feel like you would rather choose death to keep on in the struggle.

Then, you remember what you came for, the direction the universe takes you no matter how far you try to run from it, your calling shall follow you. On that path you encounter people who are there to stay, soulmates, people who are lessons and those who are guided and more importantly the snakes. All need unconditional love and kindness.

The only path you are on is your own. Truly, it isn’t my business what anyone thinks of me. We all have a different path and every now and then we find some that belong on our path too, sometimes for a season, sometimes for the duration. All I know is, no force out there is greater than love. When you meet anyone who attempts to steal your joy, damage your soul or makes you cry, kindly step over them and keep walking. Their path was never meant to do anything but be a deterrent from your mission. You owe them no more energy. Pray for them and thank God that you are not them on their path because as lonely as it is to struggle to succeed, can you imagine the loneliness that exists in them. I am certain I never want to.

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