Ruby Electronic Docs

After my involvement in the start of a non-profit organization, Elegant Clinical Corporation ( which is a special day program for individuals with developmental, intellectual and mental health disabilities in Connecticut, we quickly realized how much more time we may have on our hands if we could get a hold of an electronic documentation system that worked. We started on our search and called, researched and looked into many. The prices were astronomical and the training required was scary!

We have quite a bit of turnover in this industry so training dollars end up being high with a system if we can’t find something that is easy to use and gives us all that the states mandate then it is useless, not to mention inefficient if people can’t figure out all the features. We would paying for something essentially that we are not using.

We had a great progress note system that tracked a lot in a word document so we started looking into the Universe for a developer that may be able to take that information and put it into data, percentages for goals, track all of our trainings, time and attendance, medication, activities, social skills and of course behaviors. We started off getting the basics and have evolved into a pretty incredible system over the past few years. We are really proud of it.

Ruby Electronic Documentation System was developed and it is the Apple to the Microsoft that is out there! (

Finally! A system that when the state comes out, you feel proud directing them to it, using the reports, graphs, and percentages are done for you. The data is real. When the state comes out, we don’t have to take some of the suggestions and come down on our staff. We can now make changes in the system so that we get the results we are looking for. Staff can jump right on it, trained by their peers to use it. We don’t have to get a train the trainer, send someone somewhere. We are able to have everything available on any type of device with wi-fi connection, all HIPAA protected.

I could not ask for more in a product to run day to day operations and beyond. Doing quarterly reports/graphs used to be anxiety-provoking, now I get excited to use the system to produce this information. Tracking challenging and positive behaviors makes us even more step ahead. It showcases the good work I know we are doing daily and we don’t have to waste our time, or trees and real work can be done. Soliciting donations to enhance programming, spending quality time with the individuals we are here to serve, listening to them knowing the work load is so much less so that they can be more productive in the world and carrying out our missions. This is what the work is all about! I am so honored to present this product to providers and personally guarantee your love for it!

-Karen Gaston, Ed.D.-CEO Elegant Clinical Corporation & Ruby Electronic Docs