Busy Busy Busy Year

So the Universe has turned, decisions have been made and spirit has commanded my attention for Elegant and beyond.  We have so much to look forward too and it is exciting.  Those “miserables” that never belonged in our universe have either walked, ran or fell clear off the earth!

With gratitude I am blessed as is my entire team.  Our mission is live, it’s real and we don’t have to sugar coat.  We are working hard on next steps to carry out our mission and it is embodied in all we do.

Changes are coming, the universe is turning and I do believe 2017 was the last of the toxic years, at least for me.  If you would like the same, it is clear that you need to de-clutter your life and don’t forget your closet!

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Behind the Scenes as CEO

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes is fun, challenging, a hunt, but I would never say boring.  When you find out what you are born to do, why you are here on Earth, it becomes real simple to lead a life out of pure passion with purpose and intent for each day you step your feet on the ground when you wake up.  Behind the scenes of my life as a CEO, I have to say I am blessed, not just people who think they are, I am truly blessed, grateful and honored to be here.  My contract in this life I have signed, sealed and delivered.  I am right where I am supposed to be.  I feel better than I could ever have imagined.

Where else on earth am I able to look at my calendar and take off out of Bradley which is about five minutes from my house and go to any destination in the world.  Where else could I look and take time off as necessary.  I couldn’t be more blessed health wise.  I used to be sick all the time at “jobs.”  Since I became the CEO of my mission here on Earth, that illness miraculously disappeared.  I used to make excuses, not drive in snow, tired, all of which are history now!

My mission, passion, power is all greater than me.  I am able to do behind the scenes cooking, try out new recipes, cook for large groups, bake (baking chocolate chip cookies is my favorite)…I am able to enjoy time with my family.  I am able to plan events.  I believe I was a planner in another life, so it’s so much fun.  I am always open to the challenge of finding things out there, whatever to meet my mission of the day, week, month, year.

You see I am a dreamer, but not a dreamer that stays in my head, a dreamer that turns into a doer.  I manifest great things.  I plan to do whatever it takes to always take care of my family and team, my individuals, my customers and strangers alike.  I plan to be charitable in all I am in all ways I can.  I plan to live the shit out of this life, and continue to inspire others with my passion!  So, behind the scenes of my life, I am truly grateful.  I love the hunt each day brings me!

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As we near the end of this year that well, I would call 2017 the cleaning out negative energy year.  Lessons came and lessons went.  Excitement is coming and all the clutter will be gone in merely 3 days.  How exciting this will all be!

What I have found is compassion existing in people all around who want to do more, be more and get ready for abundance in 2018.  You see we were all given a gift, and mine was for inspiration.  Sometimes it gets confused by evil-doers as a way to take advantage or mistake kindness for weakness, but those especially the closest too me know this to be the farthest from the truth.

I continue to live by being compassionate to others and that means anyone, friend, foe, or stranger.  It is our duty as we continue to move through this journey with grace here on Earth, what we call life, I continue to look around and pray for everyone.  It will be absolutely essential for us to elevate our levels of compassion or 2018 because if you have been someone who hasn’t looked in the mirror or continues to do any types of evil doing you will surely need the prayers.  I can feel it.  Get your karma straight and start the hard work on yourselves, please.  It is our duty to find compassion for others who even harm us as we are all one soul.

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Empowering Women…Inspiring Others…

Empowering Women, Inspiring Others.

Empowering women makes the world go round! It breeds better friends, lovers, passion, existence. Women empowerment leads to better teachers, mothers, providers, all around love. When we allow women to follow and carry out their dreams, the outcome is a benefit to us all. Empowered women are able to shine down on the world in ways that deviate from hate and drama in tactful ways. Empowered women make better wives and mothers.

Empowered women inspire others to do the same. They are able to see the struggle, humble up and help another going through it. I know that going through a lot of what I have gone through, it would be best to benefit from the inspiration from other empowered women. When women are empowered and other people, they are better equipped to raise empowered children who are not bullying due to their own insecurities they have risen above and are able to have compassion and love for others. It is time to get to a level of empowerment from within and then help others to do the same.

And, just so you know…women being empowered does nothing but benefit the men around us… JUST SAYING!

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I had a VISION…

I had a vision!

So I had a vision a week ago…it just came in my mind during meditation and it was gorgeous and it moved me.  It was of two paths that were never-ending. Life is a path that is never ending. More importantly it’s a journey not a destination. I think what we fail to see is the journey is the funnest part.

Never lose sight of your journey. The moments of love, passion, the sheer memories of it all. Know that at any time you can change the path and the scenery.



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Inhale 2018 and EXHALE 2017 and anything before…

I spent a lifetime stuffing emotions, venting them out with prayers of being saved, until I finally decided to learn acceptance, confront the necessary, ignore the haters, but always let them know my introverted keep to myself world can always transform at a moments notice to the lone wolf that refuses to back down to the insecure shit you wish to deliver.

2017 is the year I am giving up stuffing my emotions! It’s the last year of garbage pale warriors who try to infiltrate my life. I am chaining the locks metaphorically speaking and moving on. It’s my time, it’s your time, it’s all of our times. Inhale the glory, exhale the everything that no longer serves you stuff that has contributed to intoxicating your soul with reminders of what you thought you weren’t, what you thought you didn’t deserve and anything that even remotely feels like it dims your light.

I always refer to the dimming of the light and I must say that it’s quite simple, anything or anyone that you allow or feels that they can manipulate your golden heart with selfishism I’ll call it, good riddens. Anyone who looks at your life and wants some credit even an ounce, have a seat. Always room for a supporter, always room for someone to make you feel absolutely beautiful but never room for someone who wants you to save them.

For all my searching for my savior I realized it was always within me, in the mirror looking back out. I feel more joy, more life for the integrity and amazing self I have created, I have worked for. As I continue to stop stuffing it leaves room for more love, joy and health!

I will inhale my present with conviction and honor my past. Without all the days as a quiet observing sheep I could have never transitioned into a encouraging, ferocious, passionate wolf.

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Abuse and Neglect Oh My…

Abuse and Neglect

It is surely frowned upon topic in the industry of working with individuals with disabilities however it shouldn’t be because it’s time to address it. In training and policies and procedures all staff must sign off to understanding the rules around abuse and neglect and what that is. It appears clear cut or at least when training happens it seems that way.

The real work comes when the introduction of those you served comes into the equation. It’s the test of the training you just had, right? NO! Mistake number one. A training is never going to take the place of a clinician supporting the caregiver or direct care staff to truly understand the individual served and prevent abuse. I have been in this industry for probably upwards of 15 years now. I have seen upper management place responsibility on staff at times on direct care professionals saying they are “bad eggs” or “this industry is not a fit” or “they just don’t have patience.” The reality is they were never properly trained in almost all cases. I have seen stuffy clinicians who choose not to even work around the individuals served try to dictate behavior plans without ever really knowing any of the parties meaning staff and clients. I have watched staff and agencies take over programs without being prepared administratively never mind their incompetence to teach their staff. I have watched greedy top heavy agencies run to accept the revenue and not fully execute a comprehensive plan to train. The worst part is the lack of collaboration amongst providers for the betterment of the individuals and person centered planning that should occur.

When we have forgotten the plan is to move all individuals served along to reach their potential in a safe environment, no matter what any agency has for a mission statement.

When we are putting the individual first we put ourselves aside and work toward the greater good which is to train, have all team members pull up a chair to the table and do what is right, not popular.

It is time to take a look at the system, refine the details and work together as providers to make things better regardless of feelings toward other members of the team. It’s time to go where the rubber meet the road and get our hands dirty being out on the floor working with the individuals and making it happen, increasing goals met, decreasing behaviors and promoting consistency.

If you want abuse and neglect to cease, you have to model what’s right, not popular. Camera up your programs, use them for assistance in training not seeing whether or not your staff are wearing flip flops and get out from behind your screen.  Become the change you want to see! If we all get up together we will see a change and a new system will emerge! Let’s do this!

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It slows you down even if it’s a family trip with younger kids.  Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to embark on a journey of beauty and insight.  I find as I continue to travel even by car I find more beauty in the worl with landscapes around, the destinations you go to and the pure journey of it all.  I find it liberating.

As I continue on my journey of life I find so much joy in traveling.  I am truly grateful for all I have seem so fare on my long list in my Pinterest account for places I still have to see.  It creates a different element, a wonder in us, an untapped market of creativity emerges from it.

I encourage it!

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Successful people tend to journal things, keep notes so that they can measure their success over time.  It’s what I read in blogs, books, and know from talking to people who are making it, who have drive, and commitment.  With that being said, there is journaling that you do when you keep a running tab in your mind of experiences that you have, memories that you share, feelings that are in your heart.  There is also the flip side, people to watch out for, stay away from, avoid, or confront are all in that running tab in your head.

With that being said, I think it is important to also document when it comes to work and happenings that take place.  I have chosen to quietly observe while we have done all that we can to showcase the wonderful things we are doing and outcast all the bad.  But, document, never let something happen without documenting it.  It all shows up with experience down the road, it all has a payment or check from Karma.  So Journal, don’t let life go by without the precious moments being captured, after all, in life those precious moments are what matter, not the sip of evil that comes from time to time, just stay armed for that, surrender and God will have your back!

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