Wellness Initiative


Wellness  “Health is a state of body.  Wellness is a state of being.”-J. Stanford.

Our new initiative beginning in October of 2017 is wellness.  We try to incorporate this into all facets of life at Elegant Clinical Corporation since our opening in 2013.  We have a family environment where our individuals are free to express themselves and just be.  We would like to take it a step further and now work on an internal state of wellness by incorporating activities and social skills that we have been for years into now a full wellness program.  We are working to get a Yoga area and to teach meditation.  We will be teaching the importance of eating more plants and doing more yoga.

Our mission is also more widespread than Elegant Clinical Corporation and we would love to have community involvement and allow our agency to be used by other agencies.  We would love to start a wellness initiative in our industry so everyday can feel like a retreat of freedom!

Come join us & help us create this path!

Outcomes starting November 1, 2017 for our Wellness Initiative Include:

  1.  Decreased Challenging Behaviors
  2. Overall Joy
  3. Increased Positive Behaviors
  4. Weight Decrease
  5. Decrease False Allegations
  6. Increase Social Skills Participation
  7. Increase in Goals Met
  8. Increase in Number of Days Worked
  9. Refusals Lowered
  10. Participation in Chosen Activities Increased